Week Two

Here we go … Week 2.

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Excellent Practice

Elements and Compounds, Matter and Mixtures

Files (PDFs)

  • Week 2 Presentation
  • Week 1 Guided Notes
  • Week 2 “This Week” Document

This Week …

M:   —

T:  W-Up/Demo, Notes: Elements,  Metacognition, Activity
HW:  p58, #41, 48, 50a, 50b  (paraphrase question)

W:   W-Up,  Significant Figures, Lab: Determining  Density
HW: p 58, #52, 60, 61, 64   (paraphrase question)

R:  W-Up, Discussion: Metals/NonMetals,  Notes: Conservation of Mass, Quiz
HW: Review page 63-

F:  Demo, Notes & Practice: Distillation, Lab: Distillation
HW: Complete Lab (due Monday)

 Important terms from our activity on Tuesday:

Miscible:  soluble, able to mix to form a solution

Immiscible:  not soluble, not able to form a solution

Solution:  a homogenous (evenly mixed) mixture of two or more substances.  The colored liquids are sugar solutions of different concentrations.

Density:  the ratio of the mass to volume of a substance (D=m/v).

Heterogeneous:  a mixture with a non-uniform composition (for example, a salad or a mixture of sand and water)

Homogenous:  a mixture with uniform composition (for example, air is a homogenous mixture of N2, O2, Ar, and CO2 gases).

Uniform:  having the same properties throughout