November 17th – 21st, 2014

We’ll wrap up our unit on chemical reactions this week with a UNIT TEST on Friday.  Remember that unit tests make up 50% of your grade in Honors Chemistry.

Documents for the Week

This Week …

M:   W-Up, Activity Series Lab
HW:  Finish Lab, Review Book (pages 330-340)

T:  W-Up,  Notes & Practice, Lab: Activity Series
HW:  Finish Practice Test,  Review Book (343-346)

 W:  W-Up, Notes & Practice, Activity: Conservation of Mass
HW:  Finish Practice Test

R:   W-up, Lab: Candles
HW: Study for Unit Test

W-Up, Unit Test

 Key Content in Textbook: Chapter 11:  pages 320-351

Week of November 10th – 14th, 2014

We’ll keep working on chemical reactions this week, especially double displacement (aka double replacement) reactions.   We’ll take our unit test before Thanksgiving break.

Guided Notes for Chemical Reactions
Class Presentation for the Week

This Week …

M:   W-Up, H2 Production Lab
HW:  Finish Lab, Review Book (pages 330-333)

T:  W-Up,  Notes & Practice: Types of Equations
HW:  Finish Class Practice, Review Book (334-339)

W:  W-Up, Lab: Double Replacement
HW:  p 347, #45, 50, 52

R:   W-up, Finish Double Rep Lab, Practice
HW: Study for Quiz Tomorrow (word eq’s, balancing, rxn type)

W-Up, Practice, Quiz
HW: Review Book (320-343)

 Key Content in Textbook
Chapter 11:  pages 320-346