Welcome Back – Week of Jan 21st – 23rd, 2015

We’ll start of second semester with the topic of chemical bonding.   The PowerPoint presentation and Notes for the week are:

There are a number of useful videos …

For the week …

W: W-Up, Notes & Practice: Chemical Bonding
HW: Finish Safety Test, Read Pages 187-188

R:   W-Up, Notes, Activity: Electron Config and Dot
Structures, and Ions
HW: Finish Activity Sheet

F: W-Up, Activity: Three Types of Bonds, Quiz

 Important Note: Chemical bonding is all about the valence (outer shell/energy level) electrons. These are the electrons that are on the surface of the atom (the electron cloud) and available for chemical reactions.

 Key Content in Textbook
Chapter 7, pages 186-201    (ionic and metallic bonds)
Chapter 8, pages 212-237  (molecular bonds)

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