Week of February 17th-20th, 2015

We’ll be finishing up with the Gas Laws this week with a quiz on Friday.  Next week we’ll have our unit test on Thursday (Feb 26th).

Notes from last week …

This Week …

M:   —

 T: W-Up, Demos & Notes, Practice: Gas Laws
HW: p 440, #67, 68, 72– Paraphrase questions and answer.

W: W-Up, Notes & Practice, Ideal Gas Law
HW: Review pages 384-411 in your book.
Finish Final Draft of Boyle’s Law Lab

R:   W-Up, Notes and Practice: Ideal Gas Law, Activity: Can Crush
HW: p 439 #48, 55, 56 (convert g to mol to solve)     — Paraphrase questions and answer.

F: W-Up, Practice Ideal Gas Law, Quiz

 Important Note: We’re moving quickly through the quarter. Be sure to keep an eye on your grades.

 Key Content in Textbook for Gas Laws
Chapter 13, pages 384-411
Chapter 14, pages 413-431, 438

Come see me in the mornings between 6:45 a.m. and     7:10 a.m. for help or during ShowTime.

Week of February 9th -13th, 2015

Conclusion for Boyle’s Law Lab:  Conclusion boyles feb 2011

Draft due this Friday!


We’re starting a new unit on Gases this week.  There’s a bit of math involved but it’s manageable.  The key is to think of how atoms and molecules create pressure, temperature, and volume.

See a time-lapse video of water crystals growing from our lab Friday (Thanks Julianne !)

Class Presentation – Week 4, 2015
Guided Notes -Gas Laws

This Week …

M:   Lab: Pressure and Volume (Boyle’s Law)
HW: Work on Lab

T: W-Up, Work on Lab Write-Up, Intro to Gas Laws
        HW: Work on Boyle’s Law Lab – First draft due Friday

W:   W-Up, Demos & Notes, Practice: Combined Gas Laws
HW:  Finish Combined Gas Law Problems

R: Demo: Vacuum Pump, Video: Kinetic Molecular Theory
HW:  Finish Boyle’s Lab Final Draft (Due Tuesday)

F: W-Up, Boyle’s Lab Part II (Technology Version)
Key Content in Textbook for Gas Laws
Chapter 13, pages 384-390
Chapter 14, pages 412-432

Come see me in the mornings between 6:40 a.m. and     7:10 a.m. for help. I am also here at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays.