Week of April 27th – May 1, 2015

We’re about to begin our last big unit – Thermochemistry.  It’s one of my favorite topics.  Seniors – the unit test for this unit will be your senior final.

Class Presentation: Thermochem

Guided Notes: Thermodynamics _2015


This Week …

M:   W-Up, Notes & Practice: Thermochemistry, Lab: Developing Equations

HW: Complete Lab

T: W-Up, Notes & Practice: Thermochemisry
HW: Finish Activity

W: W-Up, Notes & Practice: Specific Heat
HW:  p 535: #38, 41, 47, 49 (paraphrase question and show work)

R: W-Up, Lab: Red Hot Penny
HW:  Complete Lab

F: W-Up, Finish Lab Calculations, Quiz
HW:  Review book:

 Important Note: This is our last unit for the year and will provide the content for our last unit test.

 Seniors – the senior exam will be the unit test on thermochemistry.

Key Content in Textbook for Thermochemistry
Chapter 17 – p 504-527
Chapter 18 – p 541-575



Week of April 13th – April 17th, 2015

Back from break, we’re in the home stretch now.  This week we’ll refresh our memory about acids and bases and then learn some new material.  Then next Thursday will be our Unit Test.

Guided Notes: Acids and Bases
Class Presentation – Week 12
Short video on the Acid/Base Indicator we made in class.

For the week …

M:   W-Up, Notes & Practice, Practice Quiz
HW: Complete Practice

T:   W-Up, Notes & Practice: pH & pOH
HW: Study for Quiz

W: W-Up, Notes & Practice: Acid/Base Theories, Quiz
HW: Review Chapter 19 in your book, esp. p 624

R: W-Up, Notes & Demo: Titrations
HW:  Complete Titration Practice

F:   W-Up, Notes, Practice Test
HW: Organize notes and resources for Test next Thursday

Important Note: We’ll have our unit test on acids and bases next Thursday. If you are having difficulty come in at lunch for help – don’t fall behind.

Key Content in Textbook for Acids and Bases:
Chapter 19   pp. 586-617,624