Week 6: October 5-9th, 2015

This week we’ll finish up studying the atom. Our goal for the week is to understand where all the electrons are for any element on the Periodic Table.

Notes: The Atom and Electron Configurations
Class Presentation for the Week
How to do Electron Configurations

This Week …

M:   W-Up, Video: Cosmos
HW: Review

 T:   W-Up, Notes & Practice: Orbital Configurations
Honors HW: p 149, # 32, 34 (paraphrase questions)

 W: W-Up, Notes & Practice: Orbital Configurations
HW: Review for Test Tuesday

R: W-Up, Activity: Light and the Quantum Concept
HW: Practice Test (Part 1)

F:   W-Up, Notes & Practice: Nuclear Chemistry
HW: Study for Test on Tuesday
Important Note: You should be able to describe the regions around the atom where each electron is found (for a given element).

 The development of the atomic theory involved a number of scientists and continues today. As more experiments are conducted and more evidence has been uncovered the model will continue to change and improve.