Wednesday —- Computer Lab Instructions

Wednesday —- Computer Lab Instructions 

Note: Exit card due at end of class (I’ll give it to you before then).

  • Study the areas where you are having trouble.
  • Read the text and watch the videos (with headphones).
  • Practice, see why you were right/wrong, learn from your mistakes.

Choose an areas to study:

Week 11: November 9-13th, 2015


UPDATE 11/10: KEY Practice Test Naming — KEY

This week we’ll have our naming unit test – the first of the marking period.  You can prepare using the links below:

This Week …

M: W-Up, Notes & Practice: Naming and Formula Writing
HW: Review Chapter 9: 252-285

W-Up, Lab: Ionic and Covalent Compounds
HW: Continue to prepare for Unit Test

W: W-up, Naming Activity (Computer Lab)

HW: Finish 1/2 Sheet Activity

R: W-Up, Notes & Practice: Organic Chemistry
HW: Get ready unit test tomorrow.

F: Unit Test: Naming