Week Two: February 8-12th, 2016

Our second week of classes and we moving right along.

If you missed this from Thursday, February 4th, this was the homework: Take the quiz (follow this link and be sure to enter your full name so I can check your work).  See the previous post for all the learning resources.  This is due Monday, Feb 8th, 6:30 am (that means morning).

For the week:

M:  W-Up, Notes & Practice: Electron Dot Structures
HW: p 247  #43, 44, 46a, 46b (write  and answer questions)

T:   W-Up, Practice Electron Dot Structures
HW:  Review p 217-222 in your book.

W:  W-Up, Notes: Polar Molecules, Lab: Hydrogen Bonds
          HW:  Read p 232, 233, 237-244.  Draw shape of CH4 and NH3

R:  W-Up, Lab/Activity: Shapes of Molecules (VSEPR)
HW:  Finish Lab, Study for Quiz

F:  W-Up, Notes & Practice, Quiz
HW:  Finish Electron Dot Structures on Week 2 Notes

 Important Note:   When we draw the dots in electron dot structures we are representing the valence electrons.   These are the electrons that are on the surface of the atom (the electron cloud) and available for chemical reactions. 

 Key Content in Textbook
Chapter 7, pages 186-201    (ionic and metallic bonds)

Chapter 8,  pages 212-237   (molecular bonds)