Week 15: December 5-9th, 2016

We’ll keep working on chemical reactions this week as we head towards a unit assessment next Friday.

If you are having problems balancing equations, this video might help:  Awesome video on How to Balance Chemical Equations.

Other Resources:

For the week:

M:   W-Up, H2 Production Lab Notes
HW:  Finish Lab

T:    W-Up, & Practice: Types of Equations
HWGoogle Form

W:  W-Up, Lab: Double Displacement Rxns
HW:  Do #1 -4 on Lab

R: W-Up, Finish Lab, Practice
HW: Google Form

F: W-Up, Notes & Practice, Quiz
HW: Study for Unit Test Next Friday

Come see me in the mornings between 6:40 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. for help.  I’m also available at ShowTime and lunch by appointment.