Week 19: January 9-13th, 2017

We’ll work on stoichiometry this week and next.  Then the last week of this semester we’ll do our unit test.  We have a good bit of work to accomplish before then!

Stoichiometry Practice (requires Flash – won’t work on most mobile platforms).

This Week …

M:   W-Up, Notes & Practice: Moles and Chem Rxns

T:  W-Up, Notes & Practice: Mass to Mass Stoichiometry
HW:  Google Form

W:  W-Up, Lab: Baking Soda Decomposition Lab
HW:  Work on Lab

R:  W-Up, Finish Lab, Practice: Mass to Mass Problems
HW:   Google Form

F:   W-Up, Practice, Quiz


A few study tips for stoichiometry:

  • Make sure you get the basics (GFM, moles to grams, what the coefficients mean in a chemical. equation).
  • Use a problem solving strategy (identify what is given, what you need to find, what conversion you need to make, does your answer make sense?).
  •  Use worked problems in class as a learning tool.