Thursday, February 2nd in the Media Center

Computer Lab Activity for Thursday

Please use headphones to watch videos if you have them. ¬†You’ll need your periodic table as well.

  1. Visit this page and watch video: Finding Valence Electrons on the Periodic Table. Complete Part 1 on the worksheet.
  2. Watch the video on same page: Finding the Number of Valence Electrons for a Molecule. Complete Part 2 on the worksheet.
  3. Watch the following video and complete Part 3 of the worksheet.
  4. Watch the video How to Draw Lewis Structures: Five Easy Steps. Complete Part 3 of the worksheet.
  5. Take the quiz. Be sure to enter your full name so I can check your work.

Remember, we’ll have a formal quiz on Friday (tomorrow).

Nice review: Ionic Bonding Video for NaCl (from class yesterday)