Week 6: March 6-10th, 2017 – States of Matter

We’ll work on states of matter and gas laws again this week and then finish up with our Unit Test on Friday.

Remember – I’ll need your Boyle’s Law lab printed out and handed in on Monday!  After that it is officially late.  See last week’s post for supporting documents.

This Week …

M:   W-Up, Notes: States of MatterClass Presentation , Activity: Heating Curves
HW:  Finish Heating Curve WS

T:  W-Up, Lab – Heating Curve for H2O,
HW:   Google Form

 W:  W-Up, Finish Lab, Practice Test
HW:   Study of Unit Test, A few questions…

R:  W-Up, Activity: Boiling
HW:  Study of Unit Test, Impt Review!!!

F:  Unit Test: Gas Laws and States of Matter