Tuesday & Thursday: StopMotion

 Stop-Motion Animation: Day One

In groups of two, download a Stop Motion Studio app on your phone.  For iPhone the free version of Stop Motion Studio app seems to work well.  For Android I used Stop Motion Studio as well.

If you do not want to use a phone you can complete this activity by creating a comic strip instead of the digital animation.

The goal is for us to be able to visualize the behavior of atoms at the atomic level.

Your task:  Recreate the animation shown for gas atoms being heated. Use the paper circles from the hole-punch (up front) for the atoms. Include a title screen with your first names.

Keys to effective stop motion:

  • Smaller movements and lots of frames (pictures) makes for smoother animations.
  • Figuring out how to hold your camera still is essential. Otherwise the animation will appear shaky and unprofessional.
  • Don’t stress about making mistakes – this is the practice animation.

Show me your animation once you’re finished.

Next, plan out an animation for your assigned physical phenomena.  We’ll create it tomorrow.

  • Have a plan before shooting. What is it you are trying to show?
  • Watch other videos about the phenomena so you can create a better animation.


Day Two

Create an animation for your assigned phenomena.

  • Should be at least five seconds long.
  • Accurately depicts the physical phenomena (you get the science right).
  • Include a title screen with your names and the topic of your animation (two seconds long).
  • Motion should be smooth. Have at least 10 pictures for each second of animation.
  • Place finished animations in the shared folder. Name the animation pd#FirstName1-FirstName2.  For example PD3Rick-Morty.