Week 11: April 18 – 21st: Acids & Bases

Welcome back from break…  The next units are two of the more interesting.  We’ll start with Acids & Bases and after that do Thermochemistry.  It’ll be a quick quarter – don’t fall behind!


This Week …

T:  W-Up: Intro to Acids and Bases, Quiz from Class Notes
HW:  Google Form

W:   Lab: pH of Acids and Bases
HW:    Finish Lab

R:  W-Up, Notes: Acids and Bases, Naming and Practice
HW: Google Form

F:  W-Up, Notes & Practice: Strong & Weak Acids, Quick Naming Quiz
HW:   Study for Quiz on Monday

Important Note: The unit on acids and bases is a good chance to do very well on a unit test.  If you stay actively engaged in class and complete all your assignments you should be well prepared.