Week 18: June 5-9th, 2017: ThermoChemistry

We’ll do our RQAs for this quarter which will be on Acids & Bases, Solutions (like Molarity and Titrations), and any other content we’ve covered this quarter.  Then we’ll start on our Collision Theory project …

Next week well have our final unit test on Thermochemistry.


This week:

M: W-Up, Quick Review, RQA Part A
HW:  Prepare for RQA Part B (RQA Review Part B)

T: W-Up, Quick Review, RQA Part B

W: W-Up, Begin Collision Theory Project
HW:  Finish Class Write-Up

R: W-Up, Activity: POGIL for Coll. Theory

F:   W-Up, Demo: Mg + O2, Practice Test
HW:  Study for Unit Test on Tuesday

 Important Note: This is our last unit for the year and will provide the content for our last unit test.