Week 1: August 25-29, 2014

Here’s the plan for our first week in Chemistry class. Notice the class presentation, guided notes, and plan for the week. If you are going to miss class it is your responsibility to review the presentations and complete the homework.

Key Content

  • Chapter 1: p 7-10
  • Chapter 2: p39-42, 48,49, 51
  • Chapter 3: p 89, 90

Files (PDFs)

This Week …

M:  W-Up, Syllabus, Class Website Demo, 
          Activity: Safety
          HW: Complete Safety Quiz
              Complete Personal Information Sheet

T:  W-Up, Discussion: Working in Groups, 
        Lab: Using Bunsen Burners
          HW: Complete Lab

W:   W-Up, Activity: Atoms and States of Matter
          HW: Review for Quiz Friday
                   Visit www.Breslyn.com

R:  Lab: Elements - Metals, & Non-Metals
        HW: Complete Lab (due Monday)

F:   W-Up, Review Lab, Quiz(Atom/Matter), 
     Activity: Draw a Scientist and Reflection


Coming soon …

This will be the home of of Dr. B’s Honors Chemistry classes. But for now it’s rather boring here.  How about a picture of an awesome butterfly to liven things up? Here’s a picture I took a month or so ago on the Potomac River (Swain’s Locke).

Potomac River, MD Spring 2014
Potomac River, MD
Spring 2014

butterfly-potomac_filtered butterfly-potomac_filtered_2