Chemical Bonding on the RQA for Third Quarter

Several chem teachers have asked for a copy of the Google Review Quiz I built  for the chemical bonding section of the third quarter RQA.

Go to this shared folder and make a copy (right click on the form, select “Make a copy”).  Then right click on the copy and move it to a folder on your Google Drive.   It is now your form to change to change as you like and collect student responses.

There is a full version and a version split into Part 1 and Part 2 if you want to break it up for them (give students links to both).

If you just want students to try it for review they can go to this page:

Note that:

  • You need to be in your MCPS Google account to access the files.
  • Please only change the files in your Google folder, not the shared folder.

Video on how to copy the Google Quiz to your own Google Drive.

Email me if you run into trouble (Wayne Breslyn).