Week of December 1st – 5th, 2014

We’re continuing our last unit of first semester: Stoichiometry.   It’s often considered but don’t fall behind and you’ll be fine.

Class Notes:   Guided Notes

Class Presentation: Stoichiometry

Note: You can still do the homework from last week (until Tuesday):  Complete the Google Form.   Please do not consult outside resources – you will not be penalized for incorrect answers.

For the week:

 M: W-Up, Notes & Practice: GFM and Moles
HW: Review p 291-304 in your book.

 T:   Lab: How Many Molecules in a Piece of Chalk
HW: Finish Lab

W: W-Up, Note & Practice: The Mole and Chem. Rxns
HW: p 315 # 53d,e,   58a,b,c, d,   59a — Show work!

R:   Lab: Determining the Hydration of CuSO4
HW: Finish Lab, Study for Quiz

F: W-Up, Practice, Quiz


Key Content in Textbook:    Chapter 10: pages 286-319

 Important Note: This is some of the more difficult chemistry to learn. Use this as an opportunity to develop strategies to deal with challenging content.

 A few thoughts:

  • Make sure you get the basics (GFM, moles to grams, what the coefficients mean in a chem. Equation).
  • Use a problem solving strategy (identify what is given, what you need to find, what conversion you need to make, does your answer make sense?).
  • Use worked problems in class as a learning tool.