Welcome to Chemistry with Dr. B!

Get ready to explore atoms, molecules, chemical reactions … and more.  Chemistry can be a challenging course at times so be sure to bookmark this website and come back frequently.  If you forget the link will also be on Edline.

A few things you should look at right away:

Each week I’ll post the schedule and any assignments due.  For example, for our first week:

M:  W-Up, Syllabus, Class Website Demo, Activity: Safety
HW: Complete Safety Quiz and
Complete Personal Information Sheet

 T:  W-Up, Discussion: Working in Groups,
Lab: Using Bunsen Burners
HW: Complete Lab

W:   W-Up, Activity: Atoms and States of Matter
HW: Review for Quiz Friday

R:  Lab: Elements – Metals, & Non-Metals
HW:  Study for Quiz,  Complete Lab (due Friday)

F:   W-Up, Review Lab, Quiz(Atom/Matter),
Activity: Draw a Scientist and Reflection