Getting Ready for the Unit Test

Our goal today is go help you prepare for the unit test.

1. Start the Exit Ticket:

  • What is your goal for the unit test?
  • What do you need to study most?

2. Take the practice test and show me how you did.

3. Select an area  below you had trouble and review.

4. Take the practice test again (it’s a bit different) and show me your score

5. Complete the exit ticket.

Week of September 21-25th, 2015

Two big things going on this week.  First is our Separation Lab on Monday (and the write-up).  Second is our Unit Test on Friday.

For the Separation Lab – here’s the write up sheet.  The draft is due on Tuesday.  The final report (type-written) is due Friday.  Follow the guide describing what you need to do to be successful.

The unit test Friday is also very important.  Be sure to prepare well using all the resources available to you.

For the week …

M: Lab: Separating a Mixture, Work on Lab Reports
HW: Complete First Draft of Lab, Study for Test

T: W-Up, Activity, Practice Test
HW: Complete Practice Test

HW: Work on final draft for lab.
Study for Unit Test Friday

R:  W-Up, Review Practice Test, Demo: Tyndall Effect
HW: Complete Lab (due Friday)
Study for Unit Test Friday

F: Unit Test

Key Content in Textbook:  Chapter 1 – 3 (see notes for pages)


September 15-18th, 2015

We’re really moving now …

This week we’ll start our Separation of a Mixture Lab.  This is an important lab project!  We’ll also have our first unit text at the end of next week.

This Week …

M: —

T:   W-Up, Activity: Elements, Compounds, and Changes ( Class Activity)
HW:  Complete Class Activity

W:  W-Up, Lab:  Physical and Chemical Changes
HW:  Complete Lab

R:  W-Up, Collect Labs,  Notes, Demos & Practice
HW: Review Notes,, and textbook

F:   Demo, Pre-Lab, Planning Separation of a  Mixture
HW: Review for Unit Test Next Wednesday

Next Week:
Lab: Separating a Mixture
HW: Complete First Draft of Lab, Study for Test

Note:  Unit Test Next Week

Note:  First Draft of Separation Lab Due _____________

Key Content in Textbook: Chapter 2

Power Studying — Read the “Study Guide” at the end of each chapter first and after you read the chapter.  You’ll remember and understand much more.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”  ~ Albert Einstein

Week 2: September 8-11th, 2015

We had a good first week with two labs and several activities.  At this point you should know about atoms, elements, compounds, mixtures, metals, non-metals, and metalloids.

This week we’ll be doing a few more labs and building on our growing chemistry knowledge.

Important Documents:

For the Week:

M:   —

T:  W-Up/Demo, Notes: Elements,  Density Activity/Lab
HW:  Review this link: Practice for the first unit (uses Flash)
HW (Honors): p58, #41, 48, 50a, 50b  (paraphrase question)

W:   W-Up,  Significant Figures, Lab: Determining  Density
HW: Prepare for Quiz on Thursday
HW (Honors): p 58, #52, 60, 61, 64   (paraphrase question)

R:  W-Up, Discussion: Metals/NonMetals,  Notes: Conservation of Mass, Quiz
          HW: Review Notes

F:  Demo, Notes & Practice: Distillation, Lab: Distillation
HW: Complete Lab (due Monday)

Note: If you are absent be sure to use your notes and the class website to see what you have missed.  It is your responsibility to get the makeup work.