Week 7: March 14-18th, 2016

Okay – 1.5 weeks to Spring Break.  We just finished out unit test and now start studying chemical solutions.

This Week …

 M:  W-Up, Notes & Practice: Molarity
HW:  Finish Molarity Worksheet

 T:  W-Up, Video: Cosmos

W:   W-Up, Lab: Crystal Formation
HW:  Finish Lab

:  W-Up, Activity: Solubility Curves
HW:  page 499, #44, 51, 53 (show work!)

F:   W-Up, Lab: Making Solutions

Important Note:  We’ll be learning how to use our understanding of moles to make solutions of a precise concentration.   The math is similar to what we used for the gas laws.

 The key to learning here is to relate the math to the concepts we are learning.  Make sure you understand what the answers you obtain from the equation mean in the real world.


Week 6: March 7-11th, 2016

Update: Practice Test Key (with explanations).

We’ll wrap up the week with a unit test on the Gas Laws … should be fun!(?)   If you are still missing the Boyle’s Law lab, get it done!

For the week:

M:   W-Up, Notes: States of Matter, Activity: Heating Curves
HW:  Finish Heating Curve WS

 T:  W-Up, Lab – Heating Curve for H2O,
HW:   Complete Lab

W:  W-Up, Finish Lab, Practice Test
HW:   Study of Unit Test

R:  W-Up, Activity: Boiling
HW:  Study of Unit Test

F:  Unit Test: Gas Laws and States of Matter

 Important Note:  The heating curve for water represents what is happening to H2O molecules as they change from a solid to a liquid and then to a gas.