Week 14: May 9-13th, 2016

More thermodynamics this week.  Seniors, we’re getting closer to your Senior Final (on Thermodynamics).

For the week:

M:   W-Up, Notes & Practice: Activation Energy
HW: Complete Practice

T: W-Up, Lab: Endo and Exothermic Reactions
HW: Finish Lab

W: W-Up, Notes & Practice: Entropy and Enthalpy
HW:  Complete Practice

R: W-Up, Notes & Practice: Gibbs Free Energy
HW:  Complete Practice

F: W-Up, Organize Notes for Quiz,  Quiz
HW:  Complete Practice

 Important Note: This is our last unit for the year and will provide the content for our last unit test.

 Seniors – the senior exam will be the unit test on thermochemistry.