Week 8: October 17th – 21st, 2016

NOTE: Our Required Quarterly Assessment (RQA) will be October 27 and 28th!  It will cover everything we’ve done this quarter!

Important Files

For the week:

M:   W-Up, Notes and Practice, Activity: Atomic Size
HW: Review Notes

T:  W-Up, Activity: Periodicity
HW:  Google Forms – Go to Google Classroom to complete!!!

W:  —OFF—

R: W-Up, Notes and Practice, Lab: Chemical Reactivit
HW:  Google Forms

F:   W-Up, Notes & Practice
HW:  Study Notes (Short Summative on Monday)

Important Note:   Periodic trends aren’t very complicated but there is a lot of information.  During the week you need to organize this information in your notes and in your brain.  For the test you will be able to use one page of notes, front only.

Week 7: October 10-14th, 2016


UPDATE: Atom Test Review KEY

This week well have our unit test on the atom.  The practice test (available here) is useful as are your notes, labs, warm-up, class presentations available in previous posts, and class activities.

Important Files:

For the week:

M:   W-Up, Notes and Practice, Start Practice Test
HW:  Study for Unit Test Thursday

 T:  W-Up, Notes and Practice, Finish Practice Test
HW:  Google Forms, Study for Unit Test Thrusday


R:   Unit Test: The Atom

F:   W-Up, Video: Cosmos – Hiding in the Light